Grow Your Potatoes In Burlap Bags

Bet you never thought to grow your potatoes in burlap bags. Lara Elizabeth Vyas tells us how to grow potatoes in burlap bags. Why would you want to do that? Well, you certainly can control the soil in which the potatoes are planted very closely. You can also grow them in a confined area. And when it’s harvest time, it’s in the bag! (Sorry about that.) Before Lara teaches you how to grow your potatoes in burlap bags, she reminds us of several other important things.

Grow Your Potatoes In Burlap Bags

Grow Your Potatoes In Burlap Bags

Tradition dictates planting potatoes around St. Patrick’s Day (which is that Saturday). But that’s not the only time to plant America’s favorite root vegetable. Falaah Jones, garden educator at Seattle Tilth, recommends following indicators from nature to plan your garden, especially since the weather patterns have been so variable in the last few years. “Potatoes can go in anytime after the soil is workable and not too wet,” Jones said. “Spring equinox, which is only a few days from St. Patrick’s Day, is a great time to plant cool-season vegetables, like potatoes.”

Lara reminds us to buy organic potatoes for our seed potatoes because they are not treated with bud inhibitors. She says that she likes to “chit” her potatoes, a term I’ve not heard.

I like to “chit” my seed potatoes by placing them in an open egg carton and setting it in a warm, brightly-lit location for a few days. Chiting is the process of letting the potatoes sprout indoors, before planting them outdoors. Pre-sprouting gives them a bit of a jump-start.

Lara then tells us where and how to plant the potatoes. She gives the reader specific directions on how to plant potatoes in a burlap bag. She calls the burlap bag the perfect container for growing potatoes. You grow the potatoes above ground and you control the soil in which they grow, nearly guaranteeing a great harvest at the end of the summer. You might want to try to grow your potatoes in burlap bags. To read the specific directions on how to do so, you can read Lara’s article by clicking here or on the link below. Be in touch with us and like us on Facebook and G+.

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