How To Grow MoreTomatoes Than You Need

If you want to know how to grow more tomatoes than you need, you should read Adrian Higgins’ article, a primer on tomato gardening. To grow an abundance of tomatoes, you need to have the proper climatic conditions and you need to give your tomato plants proper care. Adrian says that if you want to know how to grow more tomatoes than you need, staking and pruning are important, but there are several other factors that will contribute to plants producing tomatoes in abundance. A good starting point is location and soil conditions.

How To Grow More Tomatoes Than You Need

How To Grow More Tomatoes Than You Need

Tomato plants require at least six hours of late-morning and afternoon sunlight. Planting in shade will cause plants to stretch and to lack vigor and fruit. Well-prepared growing beds are critical, because deep soil enriched with organic matter will give the roots the oxygen and even moisture and temperature that they need. Plants in compost-enriched soil also need less feeding. A two-inch-thick mulch of straw or chopped, half-rotted leaves will help retain the moisture and keep weeds back. Don’t use shredded hardwood mulch.

Tomato plants need proper feeding. Adrian gives the reader information about what kind of fertilizer is best for tomato plants. He suggests that when you first plant the tomato plant, add some garden limestone, bonemeal or crushed eggshells to increase the amount of calcium in the soil. He also suggests the proper fertilizer and how to apply it as the plant starts to grow strong. Adrian then talks about watering your tomato plants.

Always try to water the roots, not the leaves, and don’t use an overhead sprinkler. Soak the soil at least once a week, and don’t rely on rain to do the job for you. Test the soil with your finger: It should be moist but not saturated. Container-grown tomato plants may need watering once a day in the height of summer. Containers must drain, so don’t place a saucer beneath the pot. Water until you see liquid flowing from the drain hole. Again, avoid watering the foliage.

Adrian closes his article with information about problems you might encounter, such as the tomato hornworm, blight, leaf diseases and rot. If you are not only looking for how to grow more tomatoes than you need but also a wonderful primer for growing tomatoes, you can find no better article than Adrian’s. Read his article by clicking here or on the link below.

Read Adrian’s article by clicking here.

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