Keep Garden Tools From Being Stolen

This is a sad but true story about what we need to do to keep garden tools from being stolen. I’m curating this article not because of interest in it in particular, because rather because of the need to be aware that garden tools can be easily stolen. Karen Sorensen tells us in this article about a local robbery, but it has a wider implications. This is just a reminder that we need to keep garden tools from being stolen by being careful and vigilant.

Keep Garden Tools From Being Stolen

Keep Garden Tools From Being Stolen

Two Plainfield men who packed their pickup truck with so many stolen items that the backend almost touched the ground were arrested on charges of theft early Wednesday morning. That the truck was dragging so low to the ground and the driver was near a closed business raised the suspicions of the patrol officers who stopped them at about 12:25 a.m., Fish said.

Talk about two dumb sh***s! I guess a 21 year old and an 18 year old have nothing better to do with their time than rob a closed and shuttered garden center! They didn’t enter the buildings, but they were stealing items from the grounds. I’m sure it wasn’t worth what they will pay in the long run.

. . . two portable heaters, an air-conditioning unit, steel wheels off of vehicles and other steel items that could be sold for scrap . . . the dollar amount of the items stolen . . . was in excess of $300 . . . (they) face felony charges.

Along the same line, and more familiar to us gardening at home, here’s a true story that happened yesterday. A friend of mine told me today that he left his lawn mower in his driveway, went into the house for no more than fifteen minutes and came back out to find his lawn mower gone. No, it wasn’t some kid that pushed it down the street to play a prank. It was gone! Probably in the back of a pickup truck and sold for scrap. I hope this reminds us all of the need to take precautions to keep garden tools from being stolen, even in one’s own yard. You can read the rest of the article and learn the location of this crime and the names of the individuals involved by clicking here or on the link below.


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