Keep Mint From Taking Over My Garden

If you have asked yourself the question, “How can I keep mint from taking over my garden,” you can find the answer by reading an article by Doreen G. Howard. She says, as you probably know if you’re asking the question, that mint is an aggressive plant and spreads rapidly with runners. Doreen gives you answers to your question of how to keep mint from taking over my garden, starting with this alternative, which has a problem of its own.


Read Doreen's article for the answer to the question, "How can I keep mint from taking over my garden."

Mint is an invasive thug in my garden and everyone else’s. Runners spread rapidly and can choke out perennials and annuals in flower beds. The alternative is to grow the fragrant herb in a pot, but then you have provide winter shelter or bring it indoors and water the container every day.

Doreen said that she toured a botanical garden in Madison, WI this June and saw some ways of containing the “invasive thug.” Two of the master garden designers at the botanical garden, Doug Epping and Ed Lyon, found ways of taming mint and other herba and had garden displays to prove it can be done without using containers.

Epping planted a number of mints, including chocolate, miniature Corsican and my favorite banana, in a flat bed bordered by a sidewalk and hedges. Terra cotta spheres dot the garden, echoing the mints’ rolling growth. Each type stretches and fights with others for dominance. Their growth can be easily contained with a string edger, maintaining a neat border and keeping the mints from invading other beds.

I like the idea of the mint garden. Let different varieties fight each other for garden space rather than taking it out on other plants. And you still have your mint! Great idea when you want an answer to the question of how to keep mint from taking over my garden. You can read Doreen’s artile by clicking here or on the link below. Tell us what you think of his article and LIKE us on Facebook.

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