Mexican Petunias Fill The Bill

If you’re looking for a plant that is drought and deer resistant, Mexican petunias fill the bill. Jean Wofford writes about this great little plant that she has growing in her garden. When she was looking to start her flower garden, she liked the looks of the Mexican petunia and bought several flats of them. She was discouraged from doing so, and she found out why after planting them. They grew so well in her flower garden that she had to share the rapidly spreading plants with others. If you also want fast growing and prolific, Mexican petunias fill the bill. Jean gives the reader a little information about the Mexican petunia.

Mexican Petunias Fill The Bill

Mexican Petunias Fill The Bill

First of all, my research shows that the Mexican petunia is true to its name and a native of Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. However, it is not a petunia. It is of the genus ruellia. This plant is a tough, deer-resistant and drought-resistant little gem. It blooms all summer. It has very attractive, dark green leaves and fleshy stems. Some of the plants will grow up to three or four feet, while the Katie ruellia is the dwarf variety and gets 8-10 inches tall. The blooms are about 1-2 inches across, have a trumpet shape with a darker blush of color on the bottom part of the inside bloom. The plant purifies itself by dropping the blooms as they fade at the end of the day.

Jean has had a lot of success with the Mexican petunia, and over the years she has added several different varieties to her gardens. She says that she has planted them in all kinds of soil and in all kinds of conditions and they seem to thrive regardless. They are disease resistant and pest resistant and have been known to propagate in her garden in ways that seem somewhat magical.

Scientifically, this is a result of the seed pods splitting open as they ripen and shoot seeds out in all directions. They have been known to jump from one pot to another, sidewalks from one flower bed to another, across narrow road ways or can end up all the way across a large garden due to birds who carry the seeds. . .I have read that propagation for this plant is done by seeds. However, I have only propagated by separating the plants via the roots. I have not tried cuttings, which might work as well.

Jean encourages the beginning gardener who needs a dose of confidence to plant the Mexican petunia because the high likelihood of its doing well in a new garden. Even for the non-beginner, Mexican petunias fill the bill for specific planting needs. It will grow and fill in bare spots rapidly, maybe even more rapidly than you want, cautions Jean. Read the rest of her article by clicking hereor on the link below. Like us on Facebook and let us hear from you.

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